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Poster by Liv Meyer and Mark Gleason, presented at the 2022 Plant Health APS annual meeting (Pittsburgh, PA):


Fire blight warning system for apples: timing bactericide spraying.

Fire blight warning system

Five how-to's on water-sensitive spray cards:

water sensitive spray card infographic

Orchard Math 101: For Proper Spray Application - by Nicole Gauthier and Ric Bessin, University of Kentucky: 

Dr. Zhu's presentation at the Airblast Spray Application and Modeling Conference (May, 2022).

Zhu's presentation slide

Find the full presentation here.

See the infographic about SBFS, by our project's graduate student Liv Meyer.

SBFS infographic

Retrofitting intelligent spray system on airblast sprayers for sustainable horticultural crop production, a presentation by Dr. Heping Zhu for Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention 2022. Full presentation here.


NEWA 3.0 - Making the Most of Apple Disease Warning Systems, presentation by Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey for Ohio Produce Network, 2022. Full presentation here.

newa ppt

Validation of Laser Guided Intelligent Sprayer Technology, presentation by Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey for Ohio Produce Network, 2022. Full presentation here.


2021 Apple Diseases Program Update, by Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey. Full presentation here.



Link to the full presentation here.


Feasibility analysis of four automated equipment for operations in vineyards, by Dr. Guil Signorini and Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey.


Link to the full presentation here.

Scientia: Improving Prospects for Sustainable Pesticide Use:

Scientia article















Link to the article here.

ISUCALS: "Researchers work to  make spray application more cost-effective, sustainable for apple growers"

CALS note on the project

Link to the full news release here

We have been featured in the November issue of Ohio Fruit News! (page 3)

OFN newsletter

Two of the project's graduate students, Liv Meyer and Lianna Wodzikci participated in the APS online conference "Plant Health 2021: Seismic Shifts in Disease Risk", with the following posters:

APS poster

View the full resolution poster in PDF format by clicking here.

Wodzicki et al poster APS

View the full resolution poster in PDF format by clicking here.

The infographic below condenses what the intelligent sprayer technology is and what we are doing with it. To see the full resolution PDF file click here.

intelligent sprayer infographic


We are in July's issue of Small Farm Sustainability! Check it out here:

small farm acreage post

 Dr. Celeste Welty shows you the important pieces of a bucket-style trap and how to assemble it for monitoring insects, like Codling Moth. 


A testimonial from Andre Bailey (Rivers End Orchard, BC; Canada) using the intelligent sprayer:


Keeping up with the Johnsons at Buffalo Ridge Orchard (video).




"A better way to spray"

By cutting the amount of pesticide that ends up in the air or on the ground, a new high-tech pesticide sprayer can save vineyard, orchard, and nursery growers money while protecting the environment...

(Ohio State University, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences)




"Precision Sprayer Benefits Growers and the Environment"

A team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists, along with several university partners, began a collaboration in 2009 to develop an intelligent spray-control system that uses laser vision (LiDAR) to map the size, shape, and foliage density of a tree or plant and then applies a custom-tailored dose of pesticide based on foliage volume.


USDA note on intelligent sprayer - 2017



An introduction from USDA-ARS scientist - Dr. Heping Zhu on the Precision Sprayer.

"Teaching your airblast sprayer new tricks to reduce drift and costs" - Good Fruit Grower Magazine.

Good Fruit Grower Magazine Aug-2020 release on Intel Sprayer


"Upgrade your air-blast" - an interview by Kate Prengaman (Good Fruit Grower Magazine) on Intelligent Spraying on their August, 2020 release. 

sprayer and a nozzle

Penn State Extension: "Specialty Crop Innovations: Intelligent Spraying Systems"

sprayer application chart


Michigan Farm News: "One-of-a-kind “Intelligent” sprayer being developed in Ohio"

OSU article on sensor spraying


Sensor Sprayers for Specialty Crop Production - OSU Extension Catalog