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NEWA's disease-warning models for apples

Dr. Kerik Cox talks to Mark about the disease-warning models available with the online forecasting tool called NEWA, developed by Cornell University.

For more information visit:

Dr. Cox's website:

NEWA's website:

Smart(er) Apple Spraying podcast is part of a project funded by USDA's NIFA-CPPM program. The name of the project is "Combining advanced spray technology with IPM tactics to sustain apple production", award number 2019-70006-30437.

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Welcome to Smart-er Apple Spraying podcast. In this podcast series, we dive into the world of advanced IPM for apple production, focusing on the experience of our interdisciplinary research project members. We will expand your knowledge regarding the new spraying technologies, and disease-warning systems that can be a tool for more sustainable apple production.


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